Our orthopedic surgeons are some of the busiest and most successful in Texas. If you are among the millions in South Texas who suffer unnecessarily due to pain in the back, neck, knee or hip, or you’ve experienced a stroke or injury, our multi-disciplinary team of orthopedic specialists and care givers will work to eliminate or drastically reduce your pain while providing you with the level of quality care you deserve and have come to expect from Methodist Healthcare.

About Methodist Orthopedic Services

Methodist Healthcare hospitals offer specially designed operating room tables to perform joint replacement surgery that is minimally invasive and tissue-saving, including computer navigated robotic surgery to guide orthopedic surgeons in real time through a three-dimensional view of the patient’s joints. After surgery, patients typically experience less pain, a faster recovery and improved movement.

Our rehabilitation centers offer inpatient therapy that helps patients maximize their capabilities after experiencing a stroke, hip fracture, brain injury, amputation or other health situation. A fully equipped rehabilitation gym helps patients return to the most meaningful and productive life possible thanks to emotional and physical therapy.

The Joint Replacement Academy

The Joint Replacement Academies at Methodist Texsan Hospital and Northeast Methodist Hospital are dedicated inpatient centers for elective joint replacement surgeries. The Joint Replacement Academies are home to orthopedic surgeons, technicians, nurses trained in orthopedic care, occupational therapists and physical therapists all sharing the common goal of returning knee and hip replacement patients to their favorite activities as soon as possible. Family members are encouraged to participate in pre-operative education and post-operative care.

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