At Methodist Heart Hospital, our goal is to explore all treatment options with patients—we only resort to heart transplants as a final, life-saving procedure. We also only consider transplantation for patients with severe heart failure who meet transplant criteria and otherwise have healthy organs.

For more information about our heart transplant services, call Methodist Heart Hospital at (210) 575-6800.

Our heart transplant team

We use a team approach to achieve positive results for our patients. Our clinical staff includes:

  • Transplant nurse coordinators: These registered nurses serve as the patient's main contact for questions throughout the entire heart transplant process.
  • Social workers: Your transplant social worker is your key contact for information about local housing, fundraising and other transplant resources. Social workers also assist with psychosocial evaluations, initial insurance evaluations and medication management.
  • Dietitians: Your dietitian will evaluate your nutritional status and provide education and assistance with nutritional needs before and after your heart transplant.
  • Financial coordinator: Your financial coordinator will explain the cost of transplantation, your transplant benefits and the overall financial process. The financial coordinator can also answer questions about insurance coverage and connect you with financial resources.
  • Administrative and support staff: These professionals schedule evaluations, follow-up appointments and surgeries. They also ensure that all appropriate forms are completed.

Appointments at Methodist Heart Hospital

Methodist Heart Hospital is on the sixth floor of Methodist Hospital. We’re in the north tower, which is closest to the hospital’s main entrance.

Visitor parking is available in the lot off Floyd Curl Drive and Medical Drive. There's additional space in our three garages. You can also take advantage of our valet service, which is $8 per day, per visit.

For more information, visit our front desk in the central tower near the main entrance. The desk’s hours of operation are Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. There's another information desk, open daily from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., in Garage 2 by the ER entrance.

Heart transplant at Methodist Healthcare

A heart transplant is a surgical procedure performed on patients with heart failure, where the failing heart is replaced with a healthier heart from an organ donor.

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