Why should I become an organ donor?

You have the power to save a life. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), there are more than 123,000 individuals waiting for organs in the United States, including an estimated 13,000 in Texas. The need for donors is far greater than the number of people who actually donate. Becoming an organ donor is free, there is no cost to become a registered organ donor.

End the wait.

Do you have a loved one in need of a kidney transplant and you are interested in donating? Learn about the Kidney Live Donor Program at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital. Not all kidney transplant programs are the same. The Texas Transplant Institute at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital is the largest kidney live donor transplant program in the nation. We have performed more live donor transplants than any other program in the U.S.

Contact our Kidney Transplant Program at (210) 575-8400 or toll free (800) 888-0402.